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Surprise Your Palate with the Awesomeness of Naxian Cuisine

Naxos is world renowned for its spectacular beaches with the crystal clear waters of the Aegean, as well as for its rich history. However, there is an additional reason why Naxos should be on top of your list for next holiday season! Indeed, Naxos has got an intriguing cuisine that resembles Greek Mediterranean recipes with a twist. Based on nothing but the finest local produce, Naxian cuisine offers some true culinary wonders that whet your appetite and help you travel far away with your senses. 
Among the most popular traditional products in Naxos, we find the special arseniko cheese. Of course, there are also other varieties of cheese that are produced locally and organically in Naxos and that taste like heaven. Besides dairy, Naxos boasts its unique potatoes that are found everywhere in the world via the local exports. Their taste is mind-blowing and you can enjoy them fried or baked in the oven. 
Like every other place in Greece, Naxos has got some truly mouth-watering pies stuffed with herbs and spices, vegetables and sprinkled with olive oil. The most popular pies on the island are Tourtes (which means cakes in Greek, due to the striking resemblance in the shape of the pies).
Seafood and fish are major ingredients for a great meal in Naxos and particularly at the taverns by the sea.

As for desserts, you will not have any difficulty in satisfying your sweet tooth. There is premium quality honey produced in Naxos and is used for the preparation of many delicious sweets. Still, for an even richer flavour you are encouraged to try out the traditional spoon sweets made of fruit.

Surrender to the beauty of Naxos and indulge in treasures that delight your appetite and offer you unrivalled pleasure!
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Naxos Photos credit: Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades
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