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Gems of Turquoise Stretching Along the Coastline of Naxos

The Aegean Sea has got some truly outstanding islands that are worth exploring. One of these islands is Naxos; beautiful and elegant, full of spectacular beaches that are waiting for you to enjoy. Whether you are the adventurous type and are looking for popular lengthy beaches of sand with water sports facilities or you wish to find a more secluded sanctuary for soaking under the sun, Naxos is going to offer you everything and even more! Its coastline boasts having some of the most amazingly mesmerizing beaches for everyone to admire.
Agios Georgios is probably the most popular beach of the island, due to its impeccable accessibility from the town of Naxos and its lengthy size. Silky sand of golden brown and a friendly atmosphere with the cafeterias and beach bars holding their sun loungers for you make this beach the idyllic hot spot for families and friends. Then, there are Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios beaches that are situated nearby and offer the ultimate windsurfing spot for athletic tourists and people who enjoy soft sandy beaches with warm waters of emerald. Psili Ammos means “thin sand” in Greek and this beach is genuinely awesome! It is far more secluded than the previous beaches we have referred to and the surroundings are totally alluring. Aliko beach is another tranquil beach with white sand and a wonderful curve created by the cliffs all around. The scenery is breathtaking, to say the least.
We have named a few of the most notable and gorgeous beaches on the island of Naxos. Due to its unique place in the world, Naxos is able to provide the ultimate retreat and the beaches on the island reflect such a sublime character!
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Naxos Photos credit: Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades
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