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A Splendid World Full of History Is Unveiled before Your Eyes in Naxos

As you approach Naxos with the ferry, you will be captivated by Portara, the enormous gate standing alone and welcoming travellers. This gate is the actual remains of the ancient temple dedicated to God Apollo and its size was meant to reflect the love and respect of the locals for the God of Light. From Portara, you are certain to enjoy the most breathtaking sunset views in Naxos and therefore you are encouraged to visit the place during sundown. Chora is just around the corner and there you can sip your cocktail and gaze at the chromatic mixture on the palette of the sea and sky.
Apart from Portara, you ought to visit the Kouros statues on the island of Naxos. Three different statues over 10 meters long are scattered around the island and they are major attractions of Naxos. On top of the island there is the castle of Kastropoliteia and it is definitely a wonderful sight for everyone to admire. Besides, the view from the highest top is exceptional and will leave nobody untouched. Moving on, the villages of Naxos are great parts of its history. Picturesque villages such as Apeiranthos with the unique small museums that it can offer and the superb taverns with the local delicacies will introduce you to the traditional lifestyle of the locals in Naxos. Filoti and Sangri are also scenic villages that will catch your eye on the island.
Naxos is the perfect destination for all travellers who seek to combine exotic landscapes and turquoise crystal clear waters with tradition and unsurpassed elegance. Feel free to schedule your trip to Naxos and wander through the cobbled streets of the villages, smelling the jasmine and the lavender and having a great time every single moment!
Mitos Luxury Naxos Hotel
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Naxos Photos credit: Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades
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